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Lead acid batteries have been around for many years and are used in many applications apart from the motor vehicle industry. The construction of the lead acid battery is well known and its chemistry is easily understood. The maintenance and up keep of these batteries is not so well understood, and it is often their neglect that leads to their failure and the need for a replacement. With so many batteries in use, and their toxic nature of sulphuric acid and lead, the need to recycle and to recondition is more paramount now than ever before.

Lead acid batteries fail for several reasons, one mechanically and the other chemically. Mechanical failures are based around lead plate deficiencies in that they create electrical shortages, whilst chemical failures are based around the process called sulphation. Lead sulphate builds up on the plates as a natural process and eventually the level of sulphate build up decreases the active leaded surface area until a point is reached when the battery will no longer deliver the power it should & will not hold its charge for any reasonable length of time.

Nu Life Batteries Ltd, using a process from Battery Corp in Australia that is American sourced, can chemically dissolve the excessive sulphate build up, and providing there are no mechanical issues with the battery it can be rejuvenated. This battery is then recharged under specific conditions, and then can be sold as a fully guaranteed reconditioned battery. Such batteries represent exceptional value, costing 50 to 60% less than their new counterparts with an expectation that they will have lifespan of 50 to 70% of a new battery.

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