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PALMA  VRLA Batteries.

Nu life Batteries are proud to be NZ's initial supplier of PALMA Persunny's robust range of Sealed lead Acid (VRLA) batteries. To compliment this range, Nu Life Batteries distributes the VISION range of VRLA, primarily in the low storage range up to 17AH in size.

Whilst having the ability to start engines, VRLA Batteries differ from their pure cranking counterparts, in that their storage and delivery of lower amperage output is superior. Such deep cycle or storage type batteries are better equiped to handle deeper discharge and recharge cycles - up to 200 more over their lifetime.

Briefly VRLA units are manufactured with lead and lead oxide plates, but these are packed in-between fibreglass absorbed glass mesh (AGM), which have been dampened with the acidified electrolyte. Thus the plates are tightly packed in and can withstand considerably vibration and harsher handling than conventional wet batteries. VRLA batteries are completely sealed and can be installed and used in any postion.

Such properties make them ideal for the following applications:

* Mobility and Electric Scooters

* Golf trundlers and Golf carts

* Deep Cycle and storage applications in Motor homes etc

* Jet-ski's and microlight aircraft.

* Go-karts and stock cars

* Kon-tiki's and flashlight applications.

* Motor cycles and motor scooters

* Household alarm back-up systems

Our range consists of the following AH sizes.

6V  4.5, 7.0, 12.0.

12V 3.2, 7, 9, 12, 17, 22, 28, 35, 40, & 50.



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