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Nulife Batteries Ltd are pleased to provide an extensive range of battery chargers, and to be able to offer quality advice on what is best for your application.

REMEMBER:  One amp for 10 hours is not the same as 10 amps for one hour!





These pulse chargers are taking over from normal straight line chargers, because they cleanse and delphate the plates, and they preferentially charge the lower cells until all cells are equal. This is apposed to a straight power charge through all cells, even if that cell does not need it. Less heat, better charging longer battery life. Their charging curve consists of 8 stages, detects & tests, applies the right amount of charge according to the state of the battery, & then undergoes a softening down stage before it enters a very unique restorative phase of one hour. It then settles into its float stage where the output can range from 0.00 to 0.60 amps.

UP 12v 1.5 amp.   $65.00  incl

Essentially a maintainer charger that pulses through out the 6 stage charging system. This charger has float capabilities and will maintain your battery at its peak. Suitable for all lead acid batteries, VRLA, AGM & most GELS.


UP 6/12v  1-4 amp.  Manual select.   $94.00 incl

This charger is exclusive to Nulife Batteries Ltd.

The little gem has a manual select 6 or 12v, and also a range of 1 to 4 amps in output. This charger punches well above its weight, has 6 or 12v capabilities and can be manually selected for outputs 1-4 amps. As a result this charger has a wide range of applications, and is very suited to Golf Trundler applications where battery memory effect is an issue. Change the charge rate every now & then, ensure that your charge rate is sufficient for the battery size. Often the battery fails prematurely due to incorrect charging.

Often the best way to repair sulphated batteries is to cycle them several times with this charger at a low input, use the battery & then recharge at the correct rate. This charger will allow you to do that.

It is really like having 8 chargers in the one!

Suitable for all lead acid batteries, VRLA, AGM & most Gels.

 UP 12v 8.0 amp   $128.00 incl

This charger is designed for larger batteries up to 100AH in capacity. Is a real rugged workhorse, and has been my biggest seller to date. This charger is well priced and is ideal in Campervan storage systems to ensure correct charging rates.

Suitable for all lead acid batteries, VRLA, AGM & most Gels


UP 12v 15 amp.   $175.00 incl

This is for heavier 12v charging applications, where twin batteries are employed and there is a combined AH capacity of 200AH.

Suitable for all lead acid batteries, VRLA, AGM & most Gels


UP24v  15 amp     $276.00 incl

An 8 stage 15 amp output unit for 24v applications. Has the same charge curve and float capabilities as the other units, but for 24v applications.

Suitable for all lead acid batteries, VRLA, AGM & most Gels.


TE4-0221 Battery Maintainer/Charger  12v 1.5 amp    $42 incl

This is an entry level conventional battery charger with excellent float capabilities, is regarded primarily as a maintainer for medium to larger batteries (up to 100AH in capacity) but an perfect little charger maintainer for motor bikes, ride-ons, jet ski's and the like. Will maintain & safeguard your expensive marine batteries over long periods of non-use.

The perfect partner for standby generators, I have one on my generator at home, & that generator always starts in the dark when needed.  Is waterproof, so can be installed in your boat & connected to mains power when back at the jetty or at home.


TE4-0225 Auto Select 6/12v        $65.00 incl

The 0225 will automaticallly detect & then auto select a 6 or 12 volt application. Will default to 2 amps and only charge at 2 amps on the 6v select, but can be toggled to 4 amps in 12v mode. Has a range of LED battery level indicator lights, and will settle into its float mode when fully charged. 

Has a battery recovery mode as well, will begin charging at 1.5 amps at an elevated voltage & then reverts to its correct charging sequence when the battery voltage reaches 10.5volts.

Being a 6 & 12v system it is ideal for vintage car owners that have vehicles that run either systems. Will protect those expensive batteries that get very little use.


TE4-0227 Auto Select 12/24v     $112.00 incl

This the top of the range in the TE range & looks and perfoms very simmilar to the 0225 model, with the following functions

*  Auto selects 12/24v modes

* 6 stage smart charging system

*  Charges at 2,5 & 10 amps on the 12v mode & 2 & 5 amps on the 24v mode

* Has a switchable VRLA mode

*  Diagnosis & recovery where it can. Does this automaticfally where batteries are deeply discharged.

*  Has a manual 16v boost to takle the severely discharged batteries, delivers 16v at 1.5 amps for as maximum of 3 hours & then reverts to its normal charge sequence.

* Has the ability to directly run 12v DC systems up to 4.0 amps in draw, without an intermediatory battery!


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